Grab the ropes, climb up, slide down, navigate through the thrill of moving ahead, in life and on course!
Awaken the inner kinematic abilities that have made humans survive in the wild, forests and combat zones with the innate ability to measure, balance, pace and move in a variation of settings with the mind at full attention.
We bring to you Tarzan Tracks.
Layered on the ground level with all the elements that get you swinging, striding, treading, gripping, scaling up and rolling down the wonderful array of activators.
Tarzan Track – Rs. 350 + GSTper person
Multiple Bridge 1 & 2
  • Net Climbing
  • Net Walk
  • Tire Descending
  • Tire Climbing
  • Net Walk
  • Net Descending
Rope course
  • Balancing Plank
  • D.R.B.L
  • Burma Bridge
  • Swinging Ladder
  • Log to Log
  • Swinging Tire
  • Tunnel
  • Swinging Plank
  • Swinging Zigzag Walk
  • Tire Bridge
  • Sky Walk
  • Balancing Pipe
Obstacle Course
  • Tire Crawling
  • Tarzan Swing
  • Net Bridge
  • Zigzag Walk
  • Chimpanzee Swing
  • Space Walk
  • Tire Walk
  • Beam Walk
  • Net Crawling
  • Double Bridge